Self-hosting Beta


The option to self-host is an enterprise feature and is currently in the BETA phase of development. It is meant for experimentation and discovery purposes. All features and configuration could change in the future. DO NOT use this in production environments.

The Docker image will allow you to set up your self-hosted instances in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

In order to retain settings and data from self-hosting Passwordless, it is recommended that you set up a directory for storing the generated configuration file and database. Otherwise, the database and configuration file will be deleted when with the container.

Installation and running

To get up and running, execute the lines below.

docker pull bitwarden/passwordless-self-host:stable
docker run \
  --publish 5701:5701 \
  --volume {your-host-directory}:/etc/bitwarden_passwordless \

You should now be able to access your own instance at:

  • Admin Console: https://localhost:5701
  • API: https://localhost:5701/api

From here, you can continue to the Get started in order to set up your organization and application.


If you would like to view the logs of Admin Console and Api, you can do so with the following commands.

docker exec -it {name-of-container} tail /var/log/bitwarden_passwordless/api.log
docker exec -it {name-of-container} tail /var/log/bitwarden_passwordless/admin.log


By default, a file will be used for an email that the system would send. The body of the email will be appended to the file instead of being sent out. This is important for creating an organization and inviting administrators to the Admin Console. To configure your own mail provider, please see the e-mail configuration documentation.

The default file location for the files are below:

  • /app/Admin/
  • /app/Api/

For access to these files, either execute into the running container or use the two commands to print the files' contents.

For Admin Console:

docker exec -it {name-of-container} cat /app/AdminConsole/

For Api:

docker exec -it {name-of-container} cat /app/Api/

Available Tags

  • stable - built from the latest stable version release (recommended)
  • 1.0.55 - built from a specific stable version release
  • latest - built from the current state of the main branch

For more information, please see the Docker Hubopen in new window page.

Known Issues

  • There is no active sync between self-hosted Admin Console and the cloud hosted Admin Consoleopen in new window.
  • You cannot upgrade your self-hosted organization to a new higher tier plan.

More Information

For further configuration options, please see the pages below.